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Been meaning to post a journal about this for awhile...^^;
For any of you interested in free art programs, you might want to check out Fire Alpaca.
It's not great (and it can't do all the stuff that either the GIMP or PhotoShop can), but I find it makes some pretty nice line art with a Wacom tablet. And it's always good to find a new FREE program. ^_~
Some people have complained about the ads it has to show whenever it loads up, but I haven't found them hugely annoying and they seem to be of reputable sources...for now. (And hopefully it'll stay that way in the future.) So go check it out!
This is how/where I found out about it—Vickorano does a nice side-by-side comparison. =D…

Annnd for those who haven't heard yet...yeah, I jumped on the tumblr bandwagon.
I'm not very active there, and I'm still pretty n00b-ish, but hey, might as well join the "cool" crowd.
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Shinyako Featured By Owner May 26, 2013
Oooo... I might have to try that out!
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