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I saw this floating around and decided to fill it out, too. :D

1. Favorite Disney Character:
Argh, this one is too hard.

2. Which Disney character do you think most encompasses a "true hero?"
Mulan. She (mostly) selflessly did what she did to save her father. I say mostly, because let's face it, she also did it for herself as well. :)

3. Zootopia or Big Hero 6 ?
Have not seen either one, so I honestly cannot say.

4. Favorite Disney Sequel :
The Rescuers Down Under. I thought it was a good continuation of the characters/concept, and it was sweet watching Bernard get up the courage to propose to Miss Bianca.

5. Saddest Disney Death :
Mufasa's. Though...well, by the time I saw it, I was slightly desensitized to parental death in animation, because I saw The Land Before Time before I saw The Lion King. (Yeah, I'm a Don Bluth fan.) ;p

6. A moment in Disney movies that still makes you cry?
The moment in The Fox and the Hound when she has to give up Tod. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. :tears:

7. Best lesson Disney taught us ?
You can tell a mature story using cartoon animals. Also: we need more musicals.

8. Should Disney movies be longer ?
Why? Seems the ones I watched were of a good length. I didn't have the best track record for sitting through entire movies as a child and I'm not much better as an adult. It was hard enough sitting through Fury Road, and The Hateful 8 without a bathroom break. You do realize in movie theaters they won't pause the movie so you can go take a pee break and not miss anything, right? It's hard to enjoy a movie when your bladder is reminding you that it was a 30 minute drive to the theater, and though you didn't have to go when you arrived, it's now an hour and a half into the movie and you had a soda to keep your mouth from drying out. So, yeah. Keeping an animated movie under 2 hours is a GOOD thing in my opinion.

9. Disney movie with the best plot/storyline ?
The Lion King. It had a lot of character drama and growth. (And was pretty much Hamlet with lions.)

10. Favorite Disney Song ?
Waaaaaay too hard to choose! And that's not even breaking them down into best Villain/Hero songs. The villains got to sing in some of these movies, you know! So, conceivably, each movie could have at least TWO favorite songs. One from a hero, one from a villain.

Anyone wanting to do this has been tagged!
You're tagged! Share your Disney favorites! :happybounce:
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